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Leonisa is a Colombia-based global company that manufactures and sells women's lingerie, shapewear, swimwear, men's underwear, and activewear for both men and women.

Gloria T. from USA complained about Leonisa´s Return Policy in a review she wrote for SITE JABBER: "I returned a bra which was $25.20. I read their return policy and felt it would be an easy. NOT! FIRST THEY NEEDED A TRACKING NUMBER FROM THE POST OFFICE. SORRY, I DIDN'T SAVE RECEIPT FROM POST OFFICE. 15 EMAILS PLUS SPEAKING WITH TWO REPRESENTATIVES, THEY ASSURED ME THEY WOULD CREDIT MY ACCOUNT. NOT! WORDS OF WISDOM ---- DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY"


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Drag light says

"I had bought a few bras from them but they never shipped for 10 days. When I contacted them the call was transferred to the Philippines or third world country and they don't speak English. When they don't know what to reply, they bang the phone. I highly don't recommend this company."

Chris Maas says

"Sent me the wrong size, then charged me twice. The larger size took forever to arrive and was damaged. ."

Heidi Oser says

"Wouldn’t even give them a 1 star. Terrible customer service. Never shipped nor did I get a
refund. Luckily my credit card was able to give me the refund after they also did not receive
an answer after they were contacted by them. BUYER BE AWARE."

Arwa Bass says

"I didn’t receive my order and they don’t reply to the emails. Don’t order from them."

Jessica Taylor says

"Terrible experience!!!

Did not receive the item after calling multiple times the company promised to rush my order but nothing happened.
Please don’t buy anything from this site."

Elayne S says

"Left the following review for them on their website, which hasn’t posted 2 days later. One of two options exist: 1) either they are just as slow to process customer reviews as they are to process refunds of items never received, or 2) they filter out poor reviews. Neither option is good.

“Did not receive purchased item
I bought this for my wedding and never received it. After calling the company, they promised to place a rush on sending it but I received no communication of any rush or product shipment. After calling customer service the next day, the only resolution was to cancel my order so I can purchase a comparable product elsewhere. I was told by the customer service rep that the return could take 5 days internally in order to receive any confirmation of refund. Cannot recommend — purchasing from this company is a risk and includes poor customer service handling the problem. Rather than conducting lengthy internal investigations into how you or USPS made a mistake before resolving with the client, how about you just send the product I purchased in the time advertised, even if that means creating a new order in the system and express shipping? It’s not complicated”"

Stephanie Ariss says

"Terrible customer service. Actually appalling. Also the staff aren’t smart at all. If you are not in the US I don’t recommend buying from them. They sent me tracking with UPS and they wouldn’t help me for the reason why it wasn’t valid till 15 days had passed. They had shipped it with FEDEX instead. They also didn’t solve the problem I had to solve it and then they tried to overly boast about what they had done to help me. When I did it all"

Marlene Contreras Ramirez says

"The quality is terrible. Not good at all."

wiam haddani says

"horrible return policy . i bought 2 undetectable edge mid thigh body suit shaper in august. Returned both of them as too small, as there size guide are completely inaccurate. Today first of november i did not hear from them yet, neither they contacted me on my email to let me know the outcome of my refund request."

Belle says

"If I could leave zero stars I would. I returned items 2 months ago as their sizing is extremely small, contacted them several times and they are trying to say the money has been refunded to my card....i have double checked with my card provider and no refund. Still in a battle to get my money back. Absolute rip off company that should be shut down."

Shaz says

"Extremely bad customer service!!!! Do not buy from here. I have been waiting for my refund for over a month. They claimed to deliver it but left no card, and refused to redeliver. Requested for a refund and they said I need to provide them with a tracking number when the item is with their delivery company and was never delivered to me. Still no refund and they keep saying they will get back to me and they don’t!!"

Judith Milling says

"Having terrible communication issues with their customer service. Delivery (if the tried) took ages and only after I chased did they advertise se they tried to deliver but no one was in: no notification of possible delivery date. NO card left. Advised it has gone to a depot one hour round trip away. Asked for a redelivery or refund. and no response at all. Appalling customer service. Don't order from them. Ever."

Lorraine Crosby says

"Order partially delivered. Only 3 of 5 items shipped...credit card was charged for all 5 items. No response from customer services by email nor message. Phone calls only indicating that they are waiting for a shipping number to be assigned. Over a month now."

Priscilla Boahemaa says

"Such a terrible company. At first one would think they are professional. But they are not. Their customer service is extremely poor they don't respond to emails or calls. I sent an item for refund, I had to chase and chase. Would not recommend this company."

Jennifer Rawlings says

"I followed the size guide, and what I received didn't even nearly fit. They were panties, so couldn't be returned, and customer service would take no responsibility for publishing incorrect sizing. Don't trust the size finder!"

Alisha says

"This is the second time I ordered an item from them and it fitting improperly after using their fitment guide. Despite having the return policy in place, they refused to accept a return. I'm done with them."

Jennifer LaPointe says

"I ordered 3 pairs of underwear and did not like the cut. Sent them back and waited weeks for a refund. NOTHING!! Then I called customer service and there is NO option to talk to anyone. It has a message and then hangs up. I will NEVER order from them again and I will fight with my visa company for a refund."

littleone says

"Used their online tool for measurements and they sent the wrong size, despite charging me £7 for delivery. I returned the item and over a week later had to call up to chase what has happened even though it arrived the following day and was signed for. It has been over 2 weeks since I placed my original order and I still have not been told where my item but have been told categorically that I do not receive my £7 delivery charge refund back.

I have sent several emails to them which have all been ignored and the customer service telephone line are not very helpful either."

Noreen Hashmi says

"I purchased some bras on the 13th of July and had to return some because of incorrect fitting. I thought it would be easy because of their hassle free returns. I returned the items via Royal Mail recorded delivery so I could track the items. The items were received on the 20th of July by the company. When I phoned to ask for a refund, they said that the items were not received by their warehouse. I gave them the tracking number and they said we will inform the returns department and you will be issued with a refund within 3 working days. I waited 3 days - no refund received.
I again called them up and was told that the money would be in my account today. I waited again for 3 days - no refund. I called them up again, they apologised and said they would escalate the matter to the manager and that the refund would be in my account within the next 3 days. I told the representative I hope I don't have to call again. I waited - no refund.
Today is the 16th of August, I have still not received my refund, I have again called them this morning and demanded my refund. I was told the refund would be in my account today - let's wait and see!
I am absolutely appalled at the companies returns procedure, this is definitely not 100% hassle free, it should state "100% hassle returns". I will never buy from this company again!!!"

Cheuk says

"In February, I ordered a total of 7 garments from Leonisa because the company touts their "hassle-free" return experience. When the package arrived, 3 of the items didn't fit, so I promptly packed them up, followed Leonisa's return instructions to a T, paid $20 postage, and sent the parcel back to Leonisa -- using the return label provided by the company.

Approximately 1.5 months later, the parcel was sent back to me because it was *unclaimed* by the company.

April 7 -- I took pictures of the receipts, parcel, and labels on the parcel, emailed the company through the email address provided on the website, asking why they didn't claim my return parcel.

April 9 -- No reply from Leonisa. Attempted to contact them again via their contact form on the website.

April 12 -- Still no reply. Private messaged them on Facebook.

April 13 -- Finally got a reply on Facebook, telling me that customer service will contact me shortly.

April 13 -- Got an email reply from CS, basically saying that they didn't receive the parcel and I should send it to the stated return address. The thing is, I used the return label PROVIDED BY THEM. There's no way I'd sent it to the wrong address. Leonisa didn't receive the return parcel because *no one at the company has claimed it,* as clearly stated on the delivery label.

April 14 -- They once again asked me to send it. Here's the problem: What if I sent it the the same address, only to be once again sent it back to me? Then I'd be out $40 and stuck with things that don't fit, not to mention the extra trips to the post office and unnecessary hassle of attempting to get a hold of someone at Leonisa.

Leonisa decided to stop responding altogether. Now, it's clear to me that they simply don't want to accept the return package and don't want to give me a full refund on items that don't fit.

Then and only then had I decided to write a review about the terrible experience -- I always give a company the benefit of a doubt before leaving a bad review.

With Leonisa, I'm sure I'll never shop there, ever again. And I'll make sure to spread the words to my friends and family.

Their return is anything but hassle free. And their customer service is a joke.

Update: April 19 -- Miraculously, I've received a reply from Leonisa *after* I've started sharing my experience online. Same old, same old, saying that I should resend it. They didn't address my question nor did they provide a better solution. At this point, I'm done dealing with them. No point going back and forth and wasting my time with this company."